Thermal Infrared Inspection – FLIR

FLIR Thermal Infrared Imaging Applications with Drones

Solar Array Inspection

  • Flying a systematic pattern over the solar plant we can quickly identify, geotag, and quantify thermal anomalies. With this information our customers can efficiently address problem areas. What in the past could have taken days, now take hours and at a fraction of the cost.

Moisture Analysis and Leak Detection on Flat Roofs & Building Systems

  • With aerial thermal imagery we are able to provide immediate feedback showing where moisture has infiltrated your building system. The temperature difference can be clearly seen where moisture lies beneath.   

 Facility Asset Monitoring

  • Flying over critical and potentially hazardous industrial assets to monitor their status and identify any problem areas.  Detect energy deficiencies in building structures and their components.

 Electrical Facilities 

  • Substations, high voltage towers, cell towers and power generation facilities are perfect candidates for drone deployed FLIR thermal imagery. While maintaining safe distances we can visualize, geo-tag and quantify thermal anomalies. 

Environmental Monitoring

  • Detect effluent discharges, seepage and other thermal anomalies.

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