Drone Mapping – 3D Reality Modeling – Building Information Modeling

Drone Mapping

We utilize state of the art drone and sensor technology and advanced post processing software tools to produce the highest quality aerial mapping, imagery, terrain and video products commercially available today.   Our mapping workflow utilizes advance field computing devices and back-office workstations that are capable of running state-of-the art software for mission planning, image capture and post processing to provide reliable, highly efficient mapping and 3-D products for engineering level design and analysis.    Using advanced automatic aerial triangulation based on image content and unique optimization techniques, these tools enable our platforms to produce professional photogrammetric mapping and 3-D modelling data that can rival conventional surveying methods with less cost, and higher efficiency. 

Using precise (CM– level) GPS for ground control coupled with advanced photogrammetric software, 2-D and 3-D products can be produced in high resolution, with high accuracy and referenced to real world coordinates.   These products include 

  • Orthomosaic datasets
  • Multispectral indices
  • Digital surface models (everything, including buildings, vehicles and trees)
  • Terrain models (bare earth, more often used by engineers)
  • Contours
  • 3D textured meshes 
  • 3D colorized point clouds    

All of these products can be easily exported or converted into a variety of delivery formats compatible with the leading commercial or open source CAD and GIS software platforms.   These hi-fidelity products allow for accurate planar (2-D) measurements and 3-D measurements, such as profiling or volumetric calculations (i.e. stockpiles, cuts, fills) and for 3-D modeling and visualization.   

We use a combination of professional products in our stack including Trimble GPS, Propeller Aeropoints,  Pix4D, Drone Deploy, ESRI’s ArcGIS Drone2Map, and the entire suite of ArcGIS products throughout our mapping workflow and quality control to generate products and to perform quantitative accuracy analysis and qualitative image evaluation.    

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